Hi. I’m Kalee Stegehuis, Creator/Developer/Writer/Editor/Mastermind of Rawr is for Reading.

This is the fourth blog I’ve written, and Rawr is for Reading is a continuation of my previous book review blog. My interest in reading is innate. However, after earning my Bachelor of Arts in English, I’ve analyzed many written works and reasoned that my opinions should not be kept to myself. Note that my reviews and discussions are of my personal opinion, but read them for curiosity’s sake. Read them because opinions do make a difference as any author or reader will tell you. I always try to be playful with my writing, but I’ll never degrade an author or his or her work without justification. And as a reviewer, I will look for every redeeming quality in someone’s work. It’s personal, I get that. You can trust me.

That said, you can read more about me in my profile stegosaurusreads. Or better yet, follow me on social media.

Want more information? Leave a comment (p.s – I love hearing from readers, so leave a comment anyway).


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