Rating System

Welcome the StegoSTARus, my rating system.

5 Stars

The system operates on a 0-5 scale. Descriptions are as follows:

0 Stars – Unfortunately, I could not finish the book for various reasons. Good or bad. I will post as much as I can about the novel.

0.5 Stars – Barely finished. It probably took me months to read because I was too bored to see it to completion. My own stubbornness was the ONLY driving factor to help me complete this book.

1 Stars – Spare yourself. Don’t read this book.

1.5 Stars – Read at your own risk.

2 Stars -This book wasn’t very enjoyable, but had one thing that compelled me to finish it.

2.5 Stars – I almost liked this book, but I’ll probably never read it again.

3 Stars – This is good. There’s just something missing.

3.5 Stars – Good book. Read this book. There’s still something keeping it from being a great read, but it is still well worth your time.

4 Stars – Great read. You don’t want to miss out on this one. Put this on your bookshelf.

4.5 Stars – Top notch. Read this and weep at its greatness.

5 Stars – There are no words worthy of describing this book. Read this and you’ll probably forget real life for a few hours.


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